There’s no air conditioning in the attic

I drove over the mountain to my parents house ready to start cleaning out the attic eaves before my father had a chance to start throwing things away. He had been warning us this past winter that come summer, he was going to do a complete clean out and trash anything unclaimed. As always, I wait until the last minute. I arrive and head into the eaves thankful he hadn’t started trashing yet, even more thankful that mom and dad decided to go away for the weekend! I spend a few hours in the eaves, winding my way carefully among the ductwork careful not to rip or pull them away from the vents. I was careless once in the winter as I rummaged around for Christmas decorations, I wasn’t about to put this family out of central air in the middle of August! Sweaty and dusty and semi successful, I take a break and head down to the lake, and who do I find but big brother and Lola! It had been months since I saw my niece, looks like I wasn’t the only one with lake time on my mind. Lola had been down at the lake for a few hours already and complaining heartily about the heat. She wanted me to take her home with the air conditioning. I told her to relax! I promised her that if I take her home, we wouldn’t be downstairs with the A/C, i said there is no a/c in the attic, which is exactly where you will be, cleaning with me, now what would you prefer? She answered my rolling her eyes and reapplying more sunscreen.

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