There are some leaks in my building

I have been working as an artist for several months now. It took a lot of courage every to leave my day job and entrust livelihood to painting full time, but I’ve got to say that the switch is gratifying. I am now my own boss! I recently began renting a studio down on the main street of my small town making sure that I can better separate my work from the comforts of my home. I rented this studio space for the generous natural light it provided me plus the sheer size of the space. I did not anticipate any kind of problems, but boy, was that thought ever silly of me! As soon as i moved all of my studio supplies to the new space, I began suffering from one issue after another. To start, the locks in the front for the building got stuck. I was forced to call a locksmith and pay him to rekey the whole storefront. Then, some stupid kid threw a baseball into my front window. Glass was everywhere, and I count myself lucky that I had not been working near that window! I had to pay to have the glass replaced, and that ended up being expensive. Last week, my heating and cooling system broke down. It is the middle of winter, and during the course of my workday I felt a chill leaking into the building. I waited for that furnace to kick on, but the heating system simply did not respond. I called a local HVAC company to come take a look at the building’s heating and cooling setup, whereupon I learned that the building’s owner had not really had the HVAC inspected or repaired for at the very least, three years. At this rate, I’ll have to go back to my day job just to cover my rising studio expenses!

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