There are different advantages to these systems

I have always wanted a geothermal temperature pump. I love the sound of it. This HVAC unit is super efficient  and is known for being a green option. How it works is via a indoor and outdoor unit that moves heat energy. The indoor unit is inside your home and the outdoor unit is normally buried underground. The units extract heat energy from the air together with either push or pull the application. If you want cooling inside the summer, the heat energy indoors gets pushed outside. The outdoor unit is buried underground where it is normally naturally colder. That clean, frosty air is then pulled in the house. The reverse happens in the wintertime for heating. It is a two in one system. So that means you only need to have HVAC repairs, and HVAC service and tune ups done on just one system. Also, the system is ductless so you don’t have to worry about losing energy through cracks in the ductwork. The air quality is not polluted through dirty air ducts either. The heating pump is really that great. However, the heating pump is simply not very powerful. It needs heating energy to extract. So if you live in a really chilly climate, the system cannot complete the heating function correctly. The temperatures should not drop below forty degrees. Whenever they do, you can combine the  heating pump with a gas heater for a dual fuel system. It is still efficient, but now you have tend to messing with two systems again. Also a heating pump is kind of expensive. Adding a heater to it will totally make you have a heart attack.

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