Theme park and staying air conditioned


Annually, my family takes our vacation throughout the southern states to visit the theme parks; however, we usually choose the theme park most appropriate for the younger children in the family. This year we agreed to try something different, we decided that all of the adult would buy a park multi-pass, giving us access to two other parks, which allowed the adults to visit some other attractions and see all that was available. While the Grandparents took turns appreciating their time with their progeny, the rest of the adults did our best to experience all we could.

We jumped about various theme parks in one day! At one point, I thought I might faint from heat exhaustion, until I discovered that I was walking aimlessly inside stores with the best air conditioner. The sun was scorching hot, since we were vacationing in the height of summer. I had given a valid attempt to get on the attractions, like the roller coasters and flying saucers, but each time I burned my bum; the rides were too fiery to the touch… Besides, the cool air conditioned buildings had many striking and one of a kind items and tons of themed trinkets for sale!

My favorite spot we visited was a reproduction of the Radio City Music Hall. The building was almost frigid inside. I was extremely grateful to the staff member who had set the thermostat so low. This spot was prepared to cool down the flow of boiling visitors, steadily growing in number as the the heat index grew outside. Maybe next year we should plan a visit during a cooler month, I would not mind needing a jacket to fend off the chill, compared to running from the intense heat.

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