Theatre AC installation

Did you ever want to have your very own private movie theater? So did I! As a kid, I loved going to the movies. I couldn’t get enough of them. I always promised myself that when I got older and had money, I would put a giant movie screen in my house so I could watch movies nightly. And finally, I realized my dream. I hired a local designer and installer to convert my four car garage into a home movie theater. It took weeks and hard earned money but it got done. And then on my opening night I realized I made an immense mistake by not having a particular HVAC contractor come and do their work, as well. I was so worried about how the place looked, I didn’t think about how it felt, and it felt just like a big dusty garage with virtually no air conditioning. How could my family and I properly enjoy my five rows of plush seats without having any climate control? It wasn’t just the issue of cooling that was a problem. It was the poor indoor quality of air. Especially after weeks of building, the air was full of dust, dirt, and allergens and needed an air purification system to fix it. I was going to need a good air conditioner and heating system, but it would also need the most effective air filters to keep my air quality the best. So I made some calls, found a fantastic HVAC contractor, and set up a meeting for my special needs claim. I’m sure he doesn’t get many calls about putting AC within a movie theater.

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