the weather was pretty rough

I have got a nice office job that gives a whole lot of company perks. I never have to bother with paying for my much needed, morning coffee, I work out with an executive gym membership and get paid to do it, and I have a cool, little refrigerator inside my office. My wife doesn’t love all the traveling, so I try to keep to a minimum two trips per year. This past year, our company decided to throw a weekend retreat over the winter season. It was suppose to be a wonderful weekend of skiing and snowboarding and team building exercises. The only thing we discovered on that trip was frostbite. We arrived on a busy day and our rooms weren’t cleaned up. I know the company had at least fifty rooms, so I don’t appreciate how they were so unprepared. Half of people were on the third terrain, and the other half of our team was on the last floor. It wasn’t a wonderful set up, but we gave it the best effort possible . The problems got really bad when the entire fifth floor lost its heat. All of the suites are run by separate thermostats, nevertheless this entire floor is connected to just a single, main HVAC system. Around five o’clock at dawn, the office starting receiving calls for the heating problems. By nine a.m., we were all very mad and we still had no heating system. The outside temperatures were nearly forty degrees, and we were all cold without any heat. The whole vacation changed into a nightmare, because the hotel’s heating system broke down. They refunded our rooms at once, but the entire day was ruined, because no one surely got much sleep.

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