The thermostat wasn’t set correctly

My boyfriend and I’ve had a difficult time lately finding alone time together with his son visiting for the next few weeks. His little guy is definitely cute and all, but at four years of age he’s a real handful and requires our perpetual attention. We spend every moment before and after work by ensuring he’s occupied and receiving most of the quality attention we can possibly give him. As such, I was super excited whenever we found a babysitter so we could go out on a date night a while back. It was hot outside, but we were more motivated than in the past to go out for a dinner. The only trouble ended up being the restaurant’s thermostat was altogether messed up. As soon as we walked in, I realized that they had their air conditioning powered to such an extreme level that I could not be comfortable. Their temperature control setting must have been somewhere around 60 degrees, because I was covered in goosebumps irrespective of how tightly I clenched my sweater around my arms and torso. Thinking that we must be seated under an air vent, we asked to be relocated to a new table and waited patiently in a more desirably ventilated location to become free. However, we were severely disappointed to find that this new table is equally dominated by abundant air conditioning. I couldn’t get comfortable for the meal, and we rushed to eat so we could return to reasonable air temperatures outdoors. I was honestly relieved to go home to the baby, after this excruciating central cooling experience in the restaurant.

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