The terrible cooling we have

Upon graduating from college, I was confronted with gigantic student loans, a car payment and insurance costs. I had taken an entry-level job in my field and was making very little money. I moved into an enormously small and rundown apartment since rent was cheap and utilities were included. I just had to live with the reality that there was hardly any hot water, a rust-stained shower stall, along with a toilet that constantly ran. I tried to ignore the paint peeling off the ceilings, the burn holes on the carpet, and the windows that refused to open. One of my biggest complaints was a worthless cooling unit. I live in an area that’s typically hot and humid for most of the year, and we rarely need any type of heating system. My apartment featured a window unit air conditioner that was permanently installed. The air conditioner was ugly, corroded, and noisy. It did not start up automatically when the temperature inside the apartment rose above the thermostat environment. I needed to manually switch the cooling unit on, and it rattled so badly it sounded like a chainsaw. It leaked a tremendous amount of water which often froze, and smelled like mold. It blew a huge amount of cold air, and my family room area was always freezing. However, my bedroom was too far away from the air conditioner and remained overheated and humid. We tried running box fans, hoping to blow the cool air into the bedroom, but this didn’t work. When we would finally experience colder weather, cold air would leak into the apartment, because the air conditioner was a permanent fixture.

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