The temperature control and messing with it

When you spend top dollar for home care, I suppose it is perfectly satisfactory to expect the greatest service. This isn’t like buying a burger from a drive thru where the kid at the window snarls at you. This is a top of the line home care service, so if my seasoned mother receives anything less than royal treatment, I blow a gasket. Who can blame me? It’s my mom, plus she deserves nothing however the best! I have had to fire many home care workers, however the last worker was the most ridiculous. My mother has always been a particularly warm person, so to offset that she has always kept her home AC set particularly low. Sometimes people believe she is running a fever, however it’s just the excess heating coming off of her body. But anyway, her climate control system is set just how she enjoys it, plus I never change it. Well, the last home care helper (they aren’t nurses like I used to believe) thought it was too freezing plus turned off the AC. That very night I corrected her, plus explained that the AC was set to just the right temperature plus to not change it. The worker can always put on a sweater, but my mother doesn’t have that choice as she can’t get up plus change the control equipment settings. Well the next day I come home plus once again find that the AC temperature has changed just a few degrees, to lessen the cooling in the house. So I fired the worker, because you don’t mess with a woman’s air conditioner!

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