The summer feels great

Surviving in the heat of the Southeast is a substantial challenge. We do have some pretty extreme weather here. Hurricane season can be rough, and the heat can be described as a constant challenge. During the summertime, the humidity can get so bad it’s almost unbearable to walk outside the house. I would not know what to do if I didn’t have a dependable HVAC system in the house. Back in the day, my grandparents were raised in the time period when cooling systems were not standard in most of the homes around here, and I cannot imagine how they survived. I so dislike that sticky feeling when that I get when I go outside during the summer. All I wish to do on warm days is sit back in my living room beneath an air vent while the air conditioner is running at a full blast. It can get so terribly hot here that I sometimes consider moving away during the hot months. However, I have a great job here, so it might not be ideal for me to move at this time. However, summer really puts people on edge. If my HVAC unit ever failed on me during the peak summer months, I would probably just consider selling the home instead of dealing with any sort of repair. Having to wait for any HVAC technician to come out could be absolutely miserable, and I would rather just flee to a cooler state. I was born here and raised here, so I do not know anything different. Still, I imagine I’d personally enjoy myself much more if I lived in a place that had four full seasons. I don’t mind some summer weather, but the 95 degree temperature we get down here is just too extreme sometimes.

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