The spooky house with good heating equipment

Halloween was my father’s favorite holiday.  Our garage would suddenly be transformed into a haunted cavern and he couldn’t wait for the unsuspecting person who dared to come near him.   He gave all of us little jobs to help him out, and then we were able to help him with the scare tactics.  I have very vivid memories of the looks on some people’s faces and how my dad would laugh till he had tears.  Dad is gone now, but I have carried on the Halloween tradition.  I turn my entire porch and yard into an eerie home for ghosts and goblins who have no home.  My son is my number one sidekick, and he has some great ideas.  Last year he wanted to put up a patio heater and disguise it as a spider infested street lamp.  People were drawn to the illusion of light and warmth.  They would be laughing and enjoying the fun and then we would appear out of the dark, like spectrals, and tap their shoulder, or wave the blade of a fake knife in front of their face.  Even some of the men screamed.  This year we found a space heater that looked more like a fireplace.  After a few cosmetic changes, we put it right inside the door.  The rockers invited people to sit and feel homey with the heat of the fireplace.  With the flip of a small switch, the heater would go out, and we would appear to materialize from out of the dark, with our scythes in hand.  Then we would turn the fireplace back on, while we awaited the next victim.

gas heater