The spa needed an air conditioner

Our anniversary was this past week and my wife surprised me with an unusual gift. She had planned for weekend of relaxation at a local resort that included a day of pampering at the spa.  Now I am not the type of guy to go for this, however, it was our anniversary and I didn’t want to disappoint her.  She told me that she wanted to do something special and I knew that we needed the time away together. The morning before our trip she had set up the breakfast table with candles and a big breakfast.  I was surprised that she had made such a feast for me on a day when both of us had to work.  We had a nice breakfast together and couldn’t wait for the evening to come so we could leave for the weekend. The weekend was calling for very hot and humid weather so we were both looking forward to the relaxation in an air conditioned spa.  When we arrived, we were sadly disappointed.  Our room was air conditioned because it had it’s own unit, however, the spa’s HVAC system was down and so it felt like a sauna everywhere we went. The therapist tried telling us that sweating was an excellent way to detox the body.  We were not buying it.  We did go for our mud baths as it was cool and comfortable followed by a dip in the pool. The rest of the time we hung out in our room because at least it was cool.  The weekend turned out to be nice, just spending time together away from the everyday things.  I did mention our disappointment in the facilities and they credited us back the spa portion of the stay.   

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