The smell of a skunk

It isn’t very often that the ability to watch the bully of your childhood get some of what he gave you.  Revenge can be sweet, even if you aren’t the one that does the deed, and especially since you can’t be blamed.  My brother bullied me all the time.  It wasn’t anything that could cause me harm, but it would just get me in trouble, like the day he yanked my braids and I screamed out in the middle of church.  As we got older, we got a little closer. We were having a BBQ at my home, and he self appointed himself as chief cook, and I was fine with it.  I remembered seeing a skunk hanging out back, but he was nowhere to be smelled when I was cleaning the smoker.  I didn’t think anything about the skunk because small animals were always back there munching on the nuts.  My brother showed up and headed right out to the smoker.  My son, who is an HVAC professional, was in the basement changing the air filters on the furnace when he heard a scream.  I could hear a man’s scream and I could smell him coming.   I turned on the air conditioners and switched on the air purifier, to keep the smell from invading the upstairs, and the food.  John opened the basement door, turned on the air conditioners and handed him several quarts of tomatoes.   I called his wife and apologized as I asked if she had an air purifier.  Thanks to our air conditioning and air purifier, we won’t have to worry about the odor for long, but his family lives with him.