The new furniture smells

About five years ago, my husband bought me a new sofa for my birthday.  I had been looking in the store window for several months, and thought it was beautiful.  It was a very light tan with recliners on both ends of the sofa.  It seemed that whenever we went into the mall, I would be dragging him to that store, and one time I even went in to inquire about it.  I guess, eventually, he took the hint and realized that I wanted the sofa.  Two days later, the sofa was delivered.  I couldn’t wait to sit on it, lean back and relax.  Within the first five minutes, my eyes started watering, then I got a headache and started coughing.  Within fifteen minutes, I couldn’t breathe.  John quickly turned on the AC system, and the air purification system.  It seemed like the sofa had been treated with something and it was affecting my asthma.  John contacted my doctor first and then the furniture store.  After explaining what was happening, they offered to give us a different sofa, but John wanted to return it.  The man from the furniture store showed up two days later.  By now, we were running the HVAC system full blast, the air purifier was working over time, and he had changed the filters in hopes of rectifying the situation, and keeping me out of the hospital.  When the store manager came in, John invited him to have a seat on the sofa.  We watched him squirm as he tried not to scratch from the hives he wasn’t breaking out in.  His eyes were watering, and he tried not to notice.  My husband told him he wanted to have the sofa removed, and the manager quickly agreed, and gave our money back.

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