The HVAC embarrassed me

Every year, my friends and I take turns having holiday dinners at our places. Just last year, we had a really beautiful dinner at my friend May’s place and the food was amazing. This can end up frustrating sometimes, as the level of competition is thick. We are always looking to see who will top the last person who hosted an evening meal at their place. Well this year when I was next in line to host the dinner party, I was embarrassed by my HVAC unit beyond belief! I remember it like it was yesterday. Everyone was so excited being over my place since I had installed a new movie theatre installed in my basement. I thought it would be so great after dinner to go downstairs and watch a fun holiday movie to truly invite the Christmas spirit. Well that didn’t happen as my HVAC unit was acting up out of nowhere. When I powered on my HVAC unit before people arrived, everything was fine. Nearly one hour into dining and my HVAC unit shut right off following a really loud booming noise. I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes as I didn’t know what the concern was with my HVAC unit at all. Luckily, everyone assured me it was fine to eat in the basement and seemed to not have issue with my malfunctioning HVAC unit. Still embarrassed, I called a HVAC company that same night out of sheer panic right after dinner and had my HVAC unit serviced in the next day. I was told by the HVAC tech that my HVAC unit had a section in the interior that was broken, but I had no idea how this happened. Hopefully I will double check the functions of my HVAC before inviting people over next time.

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