The HVAC checks for the indoor camp

I was so excited to move on from elementary school. I am confused about anyone else’s thoughts, but I felt those long eight years of Catholic private grade school would never end. All I looked forward to for many years was the freedom I knew would follow high school graduation and the freedom that awaited at my residence. When you graduated in this particular house, you had to acquire a summer job as well as begin helping out more with the finances and chores since we originated from a huge family of young people. My older siblings loathed this  idea, but I couldn’t wait to go for it! My first job turned out being at a YMCA indoor summer camp. I was in charge of the small toddlers in the childcare section while their much older siblings worked on a lot more structured activities. Well, after my very first day I never realized just how much I appreciated being outdoors! The YMCA can be best described as a really big building with not many windows plus the little childcare room was a very stuffy, very musty closed area in which there was processed air blasting through the air conditioning vents. It was so astoundingly hot and I couldn’t appreciate how this was good for small babies. I asked my supervisor in regard to this, who said they only had access to limited funds and weren’t able to have regular and continual HVAC checks to keep up with the cooling system. It was clear the air vents were severely clogged and needed new air filters in order for the cold air to come through chilled, as opposed to the hot heat that was clearly blasting. I filed a grievance, which was extremely risky being that I was new, but I could barely breathe the air and I was just very concerned about the babies in my care! They needed to maintain that HVAC unit soon.

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