The humidity is not where it should be

I fairly certain that I’m not the only person out there who cringes at the mention of the word “landlord”–and in most cases it’s well-deserved, in my opinion. I think it’s naive to suppose that every landlord is a responsible and caring person as I’ve experienced some that have managed to dodge their responsibilities of providing required (and legal) services to paying tenants like myself. That said, it really bothers me that my current landlord hasn’t fixed the heating in my condo since I asked two weeks ago. Countless emails back and forth, and I’m now aggravated and all out of patience. It truly isn’t that hard; just call an HVAC expert and get it repaired and I swear he won’t have to hear from me again. The thing that absolutely bugs me about the whole thing is the principle. Landlords choose to be in this position of responsibility, so regardless of the relationship he/she has with me, they must abide by the laws when it comes to repairing issues in my residence and everybody else’s on the property for that matter. Speaking of the law, if my HVAC unit is in fact broken (like I’ve been saying forever now), then he’s required by law to repair whatever is essential to my health–and immediately, not weeks down the line. What if there is a heat wave? What if there’s an afternoon where it’s so humid I just pass out? I’m certain that if this happens, he will have a little more than my apartment’s heating plan to be worried about.

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