The home I grew up in

Being a young kid, I had the same standard of air conditioner and heating that a lot of kids around me had. In the later parts of spring, it provided us with regular cooling, and also regular warming within the winter times. The configuration of our air system had a similar set of air ducts which functioned both ways around, so each season it worked efficiently in times of severe climate change. Spring allergy seasons were particularly brutal in my situation, and I honestly didn’t anticipate much relief during the fall and also during the winter. When temperatures fell in those times, my mother shut the windows and increased the warmth in our home via the heater. After playing outdoor winter games, I’d head inside where I’d personally soon be warm and all cuddled up with a cup of hot cocoa by the fire. I for one always preferred our home to be warm and toasty nearly year-round, however, my three older sisters felt differently. I recollect many nights of repeatedly adjusting the air conditioner and dealing with my siblings in the warmer times of the year. Most times I got my way as I was the youngest of many and under 100 pounds overall, so it truly didn’t take much in my personal situation to feel very cold and for me to get started shivering. Of course on any particular given hot day in June, I didn’t complain too much. Extreme heat conditions and moisture impacts on our overall health and well being. My mother didn’t like us running in and out of our home when the air conditioner was on because it wasted cold air, but I almost always left something I needed inside on hot days. The lower temperatures that air conditioners pump out really help reduce levels of dehydration as they lessen the odds of excessive sweating over time. It felt like paradise to be in that cool wind and have it touch my temples as the entryway opened. Regardless of the form of cooling system, in general there are lots of great reasons to have a particular AC unit.

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