The high working ac

My parents lived inside of a coastal resort town for decades as they brought up me and my sisters. We have very fond memories of this old house that was formerly a duplex, and we thought that it was so neat since it possessed a kitchen upstairs as well as downstairs. We lived about two miles away from the beach, so we got a real nice breeze from the ocean that provided some circulation on the blazing hot days. Well, eventually everyone grew up and moved out to different places, but my parents stuck around and continued to live in that house. Over the recent years, I’ve heard my mom and dad complain about the place just getting hot and uncomfortable every single year. They said that the window units inside of the house just weren’t able to keep it cool enough. I decided I’d do some research on their behalf, and that’s when I found out about high-velocity AC systems. They are designed for older, larger homes that can’t fit all that bulky ductwork. High-velocity AC uses smaller ductwork which is much easier to install and hook up to a central unit. The air handler is the key to driving the cooling process. The air handler hooked up to a high-velocity system is much more compact, enough to fit in a crawl space or closet. My parents are adamant about not changing anything about the house, so the non-invasive procedure for cooling their home was much appreciated! They called a local HVAC company to set an appointment for their consultation, and last I heard, they had the high-velocity system installed inside the Spring. I’m due to go see my parents this Summer and stay for a few days, so that ought to be the day to test their new cooling system and see if it will stop their bickering for a while.

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