The heating problems

My in-laws are like my own parents. I care about them as much as my husband does.  The last several years, my in-laws have been showing their age. The situation became quite sad. It became clear that they should not  live alone any longer. They frequently forgot to take their medications, and sometimes neglected to eat.  When they would cook, something usually burned and there was a growing  safety concern. My husband and I actually have an in-law apartment that is independent from our house and constructed in our backyard. It allows my in-laws to have privacy while giving us peace of mind.  We can keep an eye on them, and check up on them. Right away, we noticed an issue with  their energy bills.  Every month, the bills  were too high for such a small space. The outside temperature wasn’t terribly hot or cold, so we couldn’t fathom how  the a/c and heating equipment were being used so excessively.  After some investigation, my husband and I realized that they were turning the thermostat way up for heat and way down to start up the air conditioner.  Their medications and age were causing them to be more sensitive to the temperatures. The problem is that they were over using the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.  The set the systems to high when it wasn’t  actually needed. My husband and I then installed a Smart thermostat.   We can now  monitor the HVAC equipment from our smart phones.  We can adjust the heating and cooling  accordingly for them. If they  turn the heat up too high or turn the a/c too low, we simply adjust the thermostat to a more reasonable setting.  This saves money and improves comfort.

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