the filter caused HVAC problems

My best mate got a text message about three AM from someone in another nation. She didn’t understand the text because she doesn’t speak a word of spanish. The next night she had gotten another message again at three that morning. As she was talking to her friends on the job about it, they seem disturbed. They encouraged her to call the police to investigate because of all the weird people in the world, but she really didn’t want to make a big deal out of itl. Then her central heat and A/C quit working. She called her local HVAC company to perform an inspection. He pulled out the air filter and couldn’t even see through it. The fan on the outer unit was making a bad clicking noise. So he took care of that problem first. The thermostat wasn’t working correctly, and  he installed a brand new one. Finally the air conditioner started working again. Thank you HVAC professional! I was talking to him concerning the text messages I’ve been getting from another country. He said he’d been studying foreign languages and would attempt to translate it to me. After he saw it the contractor started laughing, and explained not to be afraid. The message was from someone who had gotten the number wrong. In his native tongue it read, Dear honey I miss you a great deal and I hope to find you real soon. I’ll come and see you tonight about three. Needless to say I woke all the way up at three AM and couldn’t find my way back to sleep. I guess I should stop worrying about text messages and look more closely at my air conditioner.

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