The electrical panel

One morning last week my household woke to find that the air was hot, sticky, and just unpleasantly humid usually. Nobody liked this discovery. My children were cranky and rude within the second they got out of bed. My wife and I ended up alarmed at the climate in the house. When we had gone to bed the night before, the air conditioning and dehumidifier have been running rather smoothly! We both scrambled and keep the kids entertained. Summer holiday retreat had just begun last week. We also tried as a team to figure out the issue with our air conditioning system. The first move we did was, obviously, check the settings on the thermostat. We don’t have a smart thermostat yet, or I am sure such type of air conditioning issue would not have occurred. Perhaps we will be investing in a new smart thermostat someday soon! I did remember just one or two years ago, my brother freaked out because he thought his air conditioning broke, but really he had simply forgotten to modify the thermostat’s settings from home heating to cooling! We also knew enough to do not delay checking the condensate overflow change. Additionally, it was very important the air conditioner was actually receiving power when it arrived at the electrical panel. We also took care to be sure that we reset the switches to your air conditioning equipment before we went ahead and called our regional heating and cooling company for their help! Thankfully a great HVAC technician was able to solve the climate control issue forever!

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