The dog requiring heating

My sibling Rebecca lives with our far older sibling, Mark. Rebecca has a rather crazy pet I think whose name is Neville. Neville is possibly the world’s most terrible pet, but for one thing in my eyes, he has never been house-trained at all, though not for lack of constant trying to get him there. He also hates Mark, for no apparent reason it seems, since Mark is typically nice to him (probably nicer than he deserves). When Rebecca left for a vacation last year, Neville was left in Mark’s care. It was unquestionably very chilly outside, so Mark had turned the heating system on to keep the apartment quite warm. Neville kept standing right next to the air vents all day and night blocking all of the central heating they had there! When Mark made him leave, he bit him very hard! Then, when Mark went to let Neville outside for once, he refused to come back inside! It was a rather chilly night, however Neville refused to come back inside to the central heating. My sibling was concerned that, separate from the heater, Neville would freeze to death outside with the very cold weather. Finally, he had to just hunt the pet down as well as forced him to come back inside for once. I do not understand why Neville did not want to come back inside as well as enjoy the excellent climate control as well as central heating. Like I said, he is a very unusual pet. At any rate, our sibling finally got Neville back inside as well as plopped him in front of a section heating system so that he would warm back up finally. Neville has been bitter against him ever since that one time. Only an seriously ungrateful pet would be so bitter about being forced to come inside as well as stay in central heating there.

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