The coolant on our ac

After moving into our house recently, we had some problems with it. That was perfectly normal since the house is rather old, but one problem needed to be fixed immediately, which was our air conditioner. Lucky for me, my husband is a very good HVAC technician, so he knew all about that AC unit and surely could look into the problem. He actually needed to go to work that morning, so our AC wasn’t working for the whole day. I am a SAHM and I actually had to face the heat all day long while my better half was at work. I really looked forward to my husband’s return. The moment he got home, he got directly to working again. I felt very bad for him but we really required our HVAC system to be fixed soon because I couldn’t wait for much longer. He uncovered the problem, which was great but it would take some time to get everything taken care of. He informed me that the refrigerant was literally gone. Our air conditioner was super low on refrigerant, and that meant that it was either undercharged in installation, or it was leaky. If it leaks, adding more refrigerant is absolutely not the solution. He has to be able to manually fix the leak, make sure the repair was successful, and then charge the device with the correct amount of refrigerant. It took him a long while to fix the leak, but I’m sure so happy that my husband is really an HVAC tech. He knows what he is doing and we didn’t need to spend the extra money for some service call.

air conditioner repair