The city air conditioning

As all the homeowners know, cities can be hard in the warm season. Living in the US, I was never a larger fan of the neighborhood life to start with. For me, cities were crowded, odory and the people were always a pain. However, after my college, I took a job teaching in a new city. I now live in a sizable city that makes myself and others easily miss warm seasons in the towns! In this city, there are essentially no HVAC systems anywhere. In the country, they are everywhere you turn. I can’t even slip into a restaurant or a store on this continent to escape the heat and be in the air conditioning for a little while. I have to just sit out on the street in the baking hot warm air because restaurants, bars and even department stores have no air conditioners. It’s a total problem. Where I live currently, it is excruciatingly warm during the warm season. The air is so heated it hurts to take a breath. All I want to do is be under my single air conditioner device in my older room of my parents’ house, just breathing in the icy air; Now, there is no getting away. My house has no HVAC method either, so I get the full brunt of every type of weather. However, warm season is, by a long shot, worse than Winter. It is so unbearably hot that people can’t even put on clothes that hang too tightly.

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