The big HVAC units

I’m definitely passionate about travelling the globe. I believe it’s crucial for everyone to get out there and see other countries. Americans tend to travel to familiar places when we get the chance, and most working Americans only receive a couple of weeks in vacation time. This isn’t that much when you have to go to work the rest of the year. But by traveling frequently, we’re able to step out of our comfort zone, grow as an individual and feel well-rounded. We’re able to to see that the world is a much larger picture than our own personal bubbles. I take two or three big trips per year. A big trip for me is at least a week of international travel. The rest of the year, I try to squeeze in smaller domestic trips. These trips usually last a few days. Just last week, I took a short trip to a city I’ve never seen. I went with a close friend of mine, because we’ve always thought about going together. But when we looked at the forecast, we noticed it could get very cold. Additionally, I was departing from a city that was nearly eighty degrees when I left. I wasn’t sure what to wear for my flight. HVAC systems at airports can be unpredictable. One moment the air conditioning is too high and you’re freezing cold. The next moment they’ll crank up the heat and you’ll be sweating excessively. For this reason, I chose to wear layers and I’m happy that I did. I could adjust to the airport’s changing temperature and bundle up as I got cold.

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