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Last weekend my pal called me for a ride home in the midst of the night. He had much more to drink than originally anticipated and was unable to drive himself. Though he only lived about ten minutes from the bar by car, it had been super cold outside the past few weeks, so I picked him up out of kindness. He brought a tall can of soda in the car with him and I stopped and thought to myself, at least it wasn’t anything alcoholic. A few blocks from that bar he opened the can upl… and soda sprayed all over the insides of my car, especially across the dashboard and seats. I was perturbed in every sense, but he came to be safely home. Two days later on, as I left for work, I tried to turn on the heat in my car, nevertheless nothing happened. The heater fan never made a sound for a second. I adjusted the heating and air conditioning knobs in every direction, hoping the heat would eventually get started, but there was nothing. I tried the air conditioning to figure out if the heater was chipped, but the fan for the air conditioning did not come on either. I was so mad at my brother, right then. The HVAC system inside my car never had a single problem before that stupid soda blew up inside there the other night. I took my car to the dealership and they confirmed precisely what I already knew about the capacity of the damage. Soda had leaked over the ventilation system and down in the car’s HVAC, which broke it. The technician wanted to take apart the heating together with air conditioning equipment, and clean each of the dried up, sticky soda out. Once rebuilt, the heating and additionally the air conditioning began blowing again. My buddy got to pay that HVAC repair bill!

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