The animals need best air care

I’ve always been that person who is so drawn to pets and cats! I guess for that matter you could say almost any living creatures, however during high school, I had spent a lot of time at our local shelter volunteering to get hours for the National Honor Society. It was a way for me to get my hours while spending time with various of the pets that have either been surrendered or neglected and supply them hope, then as a volunteer you do everything from cleaning out the kennels to spending time with the critters to get them air conditioning for new homes. I loved the days when I was assigned to petting the pets and playing with the cats are more than the days I was assigned to cleaning out out the kennels, but the kennels were situated in the back area of the shelter which was an older area of the building and it always has an awful odor back there. The two of us had to use a solution of soap water and bleach to clean the floors and yet it still did not seem to help that much. The reason for that is that they did not have official ventilation or an whole-house air purifier installed. They had heat in the winter season time and utilized large fans during the Summer to circulate the air but there was no way to remove the stale air other than opening the doors. I decided back then that I would love to run my own shelter and that I would make a priority to install an official Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system with an air purification unit attached to it. This would make pretty much everyone including the critters much more comfortable.

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