The allergies and the dirty air quality

Your boyfriend has really bad allergies. I don’t think there is anything he is not allergic to. His allergy symptoms resemble what it’s like to have a cold. He sneezes, gets a sore throat, coughs, acquires a runny nose along as well as congestion. I actually didn’t know he had allergies until we started living together, and I had brought my cat and dog along with me. His eyes would keep swelling up and would itch along with the other symptoms that I already mentioned. Unfortunately I had to give my cat and dog away to my parents, and they stayed with them in the meantime. I was certainly sad, but I really needed to be with my boyfriend. In our house, my boyfriend has his very own ‘man cave’. It’s down inside of the basement. The basement is very cold, damp, humid and has a weird scent to it. Naturally my boyfriend was allergic to everything downstairs additionally. One day my friend recommended that I try out an air filtration system. I didn’t even know anything about that or what it actually did! An air purifier removes contaminants within the air promoting a clean and healthy environment. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this type of system before now. After checking out which air purifier would be best for my boyfriend, we splurged and bought two air filtration devices. They were very expensive, but we really needed this particular solution to help my boyfriend along with his allergies. We now have great quality of air in our basement and my boyfriend no longer has to suffer while hanging out in his man cave.

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