The air conditioner unit damaged

I’ve got four children and I love our large family. We are always there for eachother. My youngest child is only three years old and therefore can absolutely not be to herself. So one night when my own spouse and I wanted to venture out for dinner, we had our oldest child watch the rest of our children. We have done this several times in the past and never had a problem until that very night. We had a fantastic dinner in addition to a lovely night out but when we arrived home, things were not going so well. We have an air conditioner which was placed in the window, yet it was on the floor when we came home! It happened to be an expensive unit, as we did not actually have an entire HVAC system installed inside our residence. Because we live in a warmer climate, there is no real need for a heating system. For our house, it is simply enough to use a window air conditioner. When I really tried to get the window AC back into the window, it fell completely apart! We were so very angry and I could not believe that my oldest child let the others tear up the place. I sent them all to their rooms in hurry. I could not figure out for the life of me how to keep the house cool, as we could not afford an entirely new window AC. Luckily, my friend was moving into a new place that actually already had an HVAC system installed. She generously gave me her old window air conditioning unit. I certainly will not be leaving the house again for a date night until my youngest becomes much older!

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