The air conditioner system in the warehouse

I have worked quite a few jobs throughout my life. Some have been challenging and fun while others have been absolutely miserable. The worst job I ever worked at was in a car parts warehouse. I was responsible for loading the trucks with boxes which were going to be shipped countrywide. I’m not very strong so it was hard for me to lift many of the items. The worst part of it all was that the warehouse did not have an HVAC system in it. On top of that, it was summer time so the temperatures would often reach the 80’s in the warehouse. Without an air conditioner I often felt like I was going to pass out from the heat. I can remember several times when I had to go have a seat in my boss’s office to avoid getting sick. The environment was really unpleasant and I vowed never to do this job again unless I absolutely had to. I don’t know how businesses can get employees to work when they just do not have a proper air conditioning system. This really makes for some rough days for the workers. The ability to get a job done often coincides with having a climate controlled area to work in. I don’t think many people would have been able to do that job because everyone is used to having the ability to change the temperature by simply touching a button on the thermostat. I know this would be the case for me now, and I will never do that job again. However, that was ten years ago and there’s a really good chance that the company has installed an HVAC system with the intention that its employees will be able to do their work more rapidly.

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