The air conditioner is broken

We got some really impressive winds the other day. My power kept flickering on and off, which was irritating. I was wanting to watch a movie and the outage was too much. The television went  off, the lights, my appliances and the cooling system for a few minutes. Then everything would power back up again. This happened at least three times last night. I was not hopeful to wake up with power. I was glad to be able to work out. I saw the lights, water and the clocks were working. I looked outside and saw we had damage. My trampoline flew over our pool and landed against our house. It is about twenty feet from its original spot. To move it will be a huge job and the trampoline was damaged. I also noticed that my a/c unit got injured. Our air conditioning system has an indoor air handler, which was safe. There is an outdoor air compressor, that had been damaged. The air compressor got hit by what I believe was branches. The full unit is completely destroyed. My a/c won’t come on, I am not shocked though. I am wondering if I need to buy a new outdoor unit or if the whole cooling device is totalled. I would think no matter what I am in it for, it’s going to be a huge expense. The HVAC company may charge me a bunch due to all the trouble of the air conditioner.

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