The ac when driving a car

Living inside of the South has it’s fascinating qualities. Southern hospitality is especially difficult to replicate up North, as is the cooking and culture you’ll find here. While there’s things which will make the South appealing, there’s factors which render it hugely unappealing at the same time. The first issue is the dreaded heat. We see temperatures consistently peaking within the hundreds, sometimes over a hundred-ten degrees. The last thing you’ll ever want to do on an especially hot day is walk outside in full exposure to the Sun. I’ve lived inside of the South my whole life, but I’ve never been able to really adjust to the temperatures in my region, especially now that I always wear a suit to my workplace. Thankfully, my car has extraordinary air conditioning, and the dark tinted windows help to keep the car from burning up. Usually it takes under a minute to completely reverse the temperature in my car after the A/C is turned on. I wish my apartment could cool-down as effectively as my car. It’s really not unreasonable since my studio apartment isn’t substantially bigger than my car in the first place! I’ve talked to my landlord, who suggested a window unit. That information might be helpful if I didn’t already use one. I’ve looked into other available choices too, like moving to a high-rise apartment with central heating and air conditioning, nevertheless most places are too expensive for me. As far as living with roommates, I’ve had my share of horrible experiences to make me prefer living to myself. I’ll just have to do what I have always done in the summer months and deal with it. Someday though, I’ll be moving up North so I can forget about this cursed heat!

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