The AC in a museum

I absolutely love history. It was always our number one class in college, plus I spend any free time I have now trying to learn as much as I can about the past. Any time period, anywhere, I just think it is fascinating, because of this, I spend a lot of time in museums. I really would consider myself a super nerd for this, spending what might be budweiser money instead of museums, but that is okay with me. I was in a museum this past weekend that was full of some of our number one historical stuff. I wanted to spend the entire day there, plus had planned to, until I arrived plus the a/c was so cold it felt adore the arctic tundra. I did not bring a sweater with me because it is the middle of the summer, plus where I live it is really hot. Even this fact did not make it any better. The a/c in this entire building was absolutely brutal. I tried to adore myself, but the cool air blasting out of the a/c vents was really too much, however my lips were almost purple by the time I left. I was not the only a single, either. Many of the guests were complaining that the a/c was too strong, plus I wondered why management did not do something about the obviously faulty Heating plus A/C system. I would think it cost more money to keep the a/c on so high, but who knows? All I suppose is that it was too cold for me to have a fantastic experience.

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