The a/c device needs a repair

I’ve moved houses a lot in my life for many different reasons! Most of these moves happened when I was a child and had no say in the decision, perhaps the school district wasn’t challenging enough of my siblings were being bullied and the school, or my parents needed to transfer for work. At one point during the move, we had ended up going from up north to a more southern section of the country. By my mom’s logic, it’s much cheaper to run the a/c when it gets hot than it is to run a furnace for heating our house. And she’s right about that, cooling is much less fancy than heating costs. At the time I’m sure I would have had my honorable share of complaints about leaving behind my friends to go far away but that’s all in the past now and I understand the decision. Plus I know I grew to delight the change of scenery even as a child! The south suites me really well, despite the fact that I still have trouble with the temperature at times, i’m really grateful for a/c or else I’d never be able to function while down here. And I know my mom feels the same way because once, when I was in middle school, all of us moved houses yet again.The reason? Someone had broken into our yard and destroyed our Heating and Air Conditioning system, however we didn’t have the money to replace it and it was beyond saving with repairs, but rather than live without a/c or get a window unit for every room, all of us simply moved, which was the final move of my childhood.

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