The AC at our office

My very first job after college was working at a huge corporation. The benefits were quite amazing, and I couldn’t complain about the pay at all. The biggest problem was the hostile work environment, because upper management did not seem to care one bit about all of us office cronies. Most of us never even talk to management, which made for an interesting work atmosphere. All of the employees and myself detest the summer season, because this Corporation does not keep their A/C system set very low. During the summer season, the A/C system must be set on 76. It is still very warm and humid indoors, despite the fact that we happen to work in an office with a lot of extra electronics. There is an air conditioner vent located right above my head, but it still does very little to keep me cool throughout most of the day. A few of my co-workers talked about bringing in a portable A/C system, but all of us know that won’t really help with the problem. A few of my co-workers decided to talk to upper management about the A/C problem, and then a couple of days later they got fired. I’m not sure if that was the reason for their termination, but none of the rest of us want to discuss the A/C problems with our bosses now. There aren’t very many office positions in the small town where I live, so leaving this job would mean commuting 30 minutes to work each and every day

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