Thank goodness for the air purifier

My son, Bobby and I both suffer the great health burden of severe seasonal allergies. When the pollen counts are at its highest during the spring months, it can present severe respiratory issues for us.  We both take medication and submit to staying in the house, but it can be difficult to find symptom relief indoors. There seems to be a continuous amount of dust and other pollutants flying around the inside air. Although I meticulously clean throughout the week, there is no way to lower all contaminants. A little while ago, I mentioned this very issue to my HVAC contractor as a means of finding a solution to our breathing problems. He came one afternoon and was in the house performing routine maintenance on my air conditioner. The technician recommended I choose a whole-home air purification system. I immediately assumed that air purification may be far too expensive. I was very happy learn that the air cleaner was both affordable and cost-effective. The unit installed directly into the oxygen handler of my existing HVAC system and runs silently. It cleans the flowing air throughout the home approximately eight times in one day, capturing all types of toxins. It eliminates dust, dander, pollen, microorganisms, and fumes from the indoor air. Because of the air home cleaner, my home is much cleaner plus the indoor air quality is ten times better! Bobby and I have absolutely noticed an improvement in our health, and we sleep better during the nights. Also, the air purifier prevents contaminants from percolating into the HVAC gear, which promotes greater energy efficiency, durability, and system endurance. The air purifier was definitely a worthwhile investment and has significantly enhanced my lifestyle. I wish that I might have realized the importance of air quality sooner.

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