Temperature controlled apartment becomes overheated when there’s no access to a/c

About a year ago, I upgraded my living arrangements to a much nicer apartment.  Because of a promotion at work, I was able to afford the higher rent.  I now have far more square footage, access to a parking garage, stainless steel appliances, two full bathrooms, and a zoned HVAC system.  After living in cheap apartments with outdated heating and cooling systems, the new apartment truly feels luxurious.  There are two separate thermostats in the apartment to independently control temperature in different areas.  I am able to keep the bedrooms at an independent comfort level from the living room and kitchen.  For the most part, this state-of-the-art HVAC system has been fantastic.  However, the outside temperatures recently started to warm up, and this caused some problems.  One entire wall of the apartment is windows, and because I am up on the tenth floor, I don’t bother with curtains.  The sun pours in through these windows and heats up the apartment.  The windows don’t open, so it is necessary to operate the air conditioning.  Unfortunately, because it was the end of March, the building’s cooling system was not operational.  I only had access to heat, and even with turning the thermostat all the way down, my apartment was overheated and sticky.  I had to prop the door open to the hallway with a broom, hoping to let in some cooler air.  In order to keep my dog from running out, I had to lock him in the bedroom.  He started barking, which caused the people in the neighboring apartment to complain.  The lack of air conditioning turned into quite a fiasco.