Temperature control for health

My spouse has fallen into ill health these last few years, but she is still as vibrant and funny as ever. Her breathing has gotten a lot worse luckily though I can do my job from my house office, so I can stay here with her most afternoons, however, it has required us to make a few changes to our life. First of all, the two of us moved to the coast because the salty sea air was great for her. Too much of a great thing proved to be a problem after a while, and the natural ventilation caused an issue so both of us needed to start using a sophisticated air filtration system. The nurses recommended every one of us set up an oxygen tent for her, and not rely on an HVAC plan for pure indoor air pollen levels, but we disagreed. Instead of putting her inside a clear plastic tent I turned the entire home into a germ-free temperature controlled environment. Now she and I have 100% complete control over the temperature, the humidity, and every one of us have the cleanest air possible. In our HVAC plan, every one of us incorporated commercial grade component usually used in hospitals to make sure every one of us had an air turnover rate that would keep the air wipe and fresh at all times. These HEPA air filters are the best on the market, but they cost a lot so our daily budget for air filters has gone through the roof! My spouse deserves only the best indoor air pollen levels.

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