Temperature control change

        Presently, everyone seems to be arguing about Climate Change. Truthfully, I think it’s  hard to say that it isn’t real. You don’t even have to look extremely hard in our surroundings, to believe it, but even more so in this atmosphere with natural disasters occurring on a regular basis, to see it.

        , I’ve noticed it in a large monetary way, owning an HVAC business in this settlement. This is my pop’s establishment, so we have been here for over thirty five years now. I’ve examined the books from when he began in the late 70’s, up to since I have been running it and the numbers have dramatically  increased. We are going into many more houses than businesses and installing air conditioning systems, as well as our specialized apps in Zone Control plus the Smart App. in numbers that we have never before seen! We must hire HVAC technicians for installation and repair, and other technicians specifically for maintenance checks. Our clientele , out number us in major ways!

         It is truly great to witness. I just don’t see it slowing down anytime soon either, for while the winters are getting colder, the summers are hotter than in the past. I am thinking we should start our high school internship application again, and get some fresh minds in here to get the job done!! At least if we have some young people wanting to intern the first year for free, we can bank some money to hire them on their second year.

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