Temperature change was fine because of my AC

This spring, we experienced a historic warm front in my part of the country. The temperatures went from being comfortably in the lower to mid seventies to jumping up to the upper eighties in just a few days time. I had barely put away my winter clothes and was reaching for my shorts and tank tops. Everybody in the city was unprepared, and I had many friends who complained that their HVAC system wasn’t able to meet the demands of the unorthodox temperature change. When I talked to them, most of them hadn’t changed the air filters or performed routine maintenance on their air conditioning system in over a year. When the temperatures shifted, my friends’ HVAC systems didn’t stand a chance. Luckily, I am a bit more on top of things. My HVAC system is something to be proud of. I change the filters every six months, and once a year a HVAC technician comes to perform routine maintenance that I am unable to do. Because of my wonderful air conditioning system, the temperature change was not a problem for me. This was around the time of year that the harshest temperatures of the winter had ended, but the spring heat was still a few weeks away, so my HVAC system was set to off after being on the heating preference for about three months. On the first hot day, I woke up and switched it to cool, set the thermostat, and within minutes my house was set to a comfortable seventy-three degrees. I truly believe this may not have been the case if I didn’t change out the filters and keep up with the routine maintenance year-round. If this summer is going to be hot, I am prepared to take it on with my wonderful air conditioning system and the amazing HVAC company which services it.

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