Talking with my friends

Me and my friends were pretty excited to get her own apartment. Our parents have been giving us a hard time since we were juniors in high school and we never own place. Everyone of us were excited to have no curfew, and be able to have our girlfriends over anytime that we wanted. Who started looking sometime around March, when our senior year was almost over. And every one of us had a hard time finding an apartment in our price range, because most of us were only making minimum wage at the time. We finally found a nice 3 bedroom apartment, and it was close to some of our jobs. The landlord was pretty nice, and he didn’t live in the apartment building. Since he really wouldn’t be around, I assumed we would just have the whole place to ourselves. When the winter season was around the corner, our landlord called to tell us that our heating and A/C program would get tuned up in the month of November. Everyone of us were pretty excited, because we knew that meant that our heating system would work better than ever. I didn’t want to have the opportunity to have a broken heating and A/C system, especially because all of us would not have the money to be able to fix such an expensive repair. With the outdoor temperature is dropping rapidly, I was excited to hear about the tune up on our heating and A/C program. Every one of us knew that meant lower energy bills during the winter season.

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