Taking my time

I’m an unusually cautious person. I don’t play around in the least, and I live a everyday life without surprises or issues. That is just how I like things to be in my life. I look ahead, and counter future issues, and try to guard against them as best as I can. For example, I’m a member of AAA and I can get a free tow for my car in any place that I might break down. I actually have an emergency saving account in an additional bank, just in case my first bank goes entirely under. I always am certain to only buy products that have warranties, and when it comes to my HVAC system I pay a premium for a top level service plan they offer. If you are aware of how much a new central heating and cooling system costs lately, it’s ridiculous. I feel that a small investment for the yearly upkeep of my current system is definitely an easy call to make. Twice annually an HVAC service technician goes to my house for an inspection and cleaning for the system. In May someone comes to look at the air conditioning and does a full cleaning of the air ducts. In September someone comes to consider the furnace and tests it out thoroughly. Both times they replace every one of the air filters. Never once have I ever experienced a problem with my HVAC system, within ten years. I firmly believe that it is because I take a little time and money to have this heating and cooling regularly tested and cleaned out properly. I hope that my HVAC system will last many more years and will not fail.

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