Taking dance and our cooling system

My bestie Karen is trying to push me into taking dance lessons. Karen thinks all of us need to spice things up and dance classes will do it for us. I hate dancing and I think I am going to hate the lessons too. It will cost my hard-earned cash, be embarrassing and I will not care about myself. All I can do is at least pray the studio is nice. If the flooring and wall area is clean, the songs is great and I have AC, I won’t be too overwhelmed. I can’t even imagine dancing with no AC. That would be super horrible. I tend to excessively throw perspiration everywhere. If I do even something moderately related to exercise, I am covered in sweat. I have tried to never be around my Karen when this happens. It is terribly gross and not unquestionably romantic. If the dance studio does not have good cooling, the sweat monster that is me is coming out to play. Karen will think us dancing together will be all lovey-dovey and romantic prefer a movie. Instead it will be an embarrassing, frustrating and moderate mess. I have looked at the dance studio’s website. It appears to look really clean and modern. I just can’t tell on the A/C device and there is nothing talking about the A/C on the website. I think it might be worth it to contact the dance instructor to find out what I am getting into. How miserable exactly are these lessons going to be? Will I just be aggravated by them or will I be super gross and agitated the entire time? Is it worth making Karen mad over it?