Swimming-heated pool

I like to swim laps at the city pool in the summer time. It is an indoor facility so it is  air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. They have a really powerful HVAC system since the arena is really large with a high roof. They keep the thermostat at a comfortable level so I often wonder why the water is so cold. I think it would be nice if they could heat the pool water a little. I’m not sure how  a heated pool system works, but I suppose it is like a radiant HVAC system  in some ways. You would have to have a heat source like a radiator that would have warm water flow through it and it would have to be submerged in the pool somehow. Part of the facility does have a heated pool, but it is just for little kids and the elderly. You can’t swim laps in it. After I am done swimming my laps I am warmed up a bit so the air conditioning in the summer months feels good. I wonder if they turn the thermostat down in the evening after they close. It would seem to be a waste of money to have the air conditioning blasting away when no one is even there.  But you have to consider that the pool is run by the city government, and they are notorious for wasting money, so it would not surprise me if they keep the air conditioning on all the time. Maybe the next time I go swimming I’ll ask the attendant if he knows anything about the A/C maintenance in the facility. I can just tell him that I’m an HVAC contractor so I like to know about such things!

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