Surviving with the air conditioning

I recently moved to the south this past summer. I realized how much the people here rely on their a/c units, but I honestly, don’t think this state would exist without a/cs. I have no method as to how anyone lived here before they were invented. If the power goes out due to a storm, pretty much everyone freaks out; Businesses close down completely plus a lot of people take off and don’t come back until the power comes back on. In general, people can survive okay without power, but they can cook with gas stoves and use their wells for water. Yet, people here can’t seem to live without their air conditioner. There’s no way my town would exist without proper cooling systems; Not only does it get so hot and sunny, but it gets muggy, humid, plus buggy. Houses are no longer built like they used to be too. Instead of having good continuous airflow, with huge open windows and several trees around to help cool down the home in the summer, the houses are constructed with windows that don’t open plus big areas of green grass with no trees in sight. They are completely dependent on a/cs for cooling down. They are ecologically inefficient homes. I honestly wish these passive cooling designs would make a huge comeback, but people need to be able to live more comfortably without an air conditioner too, even if it’s just for a few mornings after a hurricane knocks out their power. I shudder to worry about the survival rate for people here if the power goes out for an extended phase of time, we would be doomed!

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