Surviving a really rough storm

A couple of days ago a hurricane passed over in my town, and we are still waiting for someone to get the power turned back. This whole experience has been pretty challenging because I realized how dependent I am on electricity. We have lost a lot of food because the refrigerator hasn’t been running, and we have been pretty uncomfortable because we are not able to turn on our air conditioner. All the way you’re able to do right now is open the windows to let some cool air circulate inside of the house. I never realized how dependent I was on my HVAC system until I wasn’t able to turn it on. The cooling system can really impact how comfortable a home is, and I hope that I never have to deal with my going without my air conditioner after the power is finally turned back on. Hurricane season is no joke. There is a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready for one of these storms. This is the strongest one that I’ve ever dealt with, and I am glad to know that my family is all safe and that my home is still in good shape. Aside from having to clean up our yard from all the limbs and debris, there will not be a lot of recovery for us. We are very fortunate because there are places in more coastal areas that are dealing with some serious flooding issues. If an A/C is the most of my concerns, then I consider myself very fortunate. It could have been much worse.