Summer weather and air conditioning

Some time ago, I got in a divorce, got in an auto accident, and lost my job. I was depressed and out of money, and I needed a switch of scenery. I packed every piece of my belongings into my extremely crappy, used car and went south. I rented an extremely small apartment because the rent was cheap and it was even walking distance to everything I needed. I got job as a waitress and did everything possible just to save money. I took steps to weatherproof my apartment and barely even ran the air conditioner when vital. The summer weather was absolutely brutal, with temperatures in the triple digits and ungodly muggy. I really couldn’t go without air conditioning. My apartment became extremely overheated and sticky. I developed sleep disorders, and I noticed condensation on the windows and mold wrapping around the window sills. I was fearful that running the air conditioner would likely drive my electric bill higher than I could afford. I made sure to swap the filter on the air conditioner unit and I was sure to ask my landlord to hire a good HVAC contractor to clean up and service the cooling system. I knew that if the air conditioner was operating optimally, it would cost me far less and be way sounder. I was relieved that the air conditioner was fairly new and quite energy efficient. It was able to handle the heat and humidity without cycling continually. Because this apartment was so tiny, the air conditioner could run at nominal speeds and still maintain a perfect indoor temperature. I still only operated the AC while I was around the house. I was careful to switch it off before I left the door for work every morning.

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