Summer problems

At last, SNL’s back. Halloween is here. And everyone who’s anyone is finally selling PSLs!!!… as in the one-and-only pumpkin spice lattes.


The NBA Season just tipped off. Football season is just over a month underway. And Game 7 of the World Series is only a couple days away. Fall is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year.


Aside from the extra work that results from hundreds of now-fallen leaves that seemed so innocent and pretty, I’ve got no complaints regarding the pre-winter season. The weather’s not overly hot and isn’t quite that cold–AW SHUCKS! There is one item I forgot: to get Methuselah to the doctor–or more like scheduling a doctor to come pay him a home visit. Don’t be alarmed by the name, though. By Methuselah, I don’t literally mean the bones–or comparable matter–of the oldest person on record to have graced the face of our dearly beloved Earth; I’m actually referring to my ancient air-conditioning unit that hasn’t been serviced in seemingly just as many years as Mr. Meth hung around.


Although last year’s summer wasn’t a concern and fall wasn’t bad in any way, last winter was a totally different story. Seemingly every other 24-hour-period, from sunup to sundown, my place felt as though somebody kept “letting this hawk in” nonstop. Sans warmth, my 2-story townhome felt like a chill, steady wind would consistently exploit the cracks of my aged apartment and blow through the entire footprint thereby subjecting all occupants–which eventually became just little old me–to a life of bone chills and teeth-chattering. After working a little Google magic and finding the number to a reputable “Mr. Fix It,” however, this winter will surely be different.

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