Summer kitchen questions

I want a summer kitchen.  We have this huge open space underneath the porch that would be perfect for it.  We live on a farm, and it would be a great place to do my canning and I wouldn’t be putting all of that excess moisture into the house.  In the past, I always had to have my fans on high, my air conditioning had to be set so it could not just keep me cool, but it would pull out the humidity.  The stove fan and ventilation system was always on high so that we keep some of the moisture at bay.  It was still horrible, but it was bearable.  If I had a summer kitchen, I wouldn’t have to worry about all the moisture and heating problems.  I could stay outside, and other than venting the steam out of the area and outside, we wouldn’t need to worry about the air conditioning.  I found a beautiful old fashioned gas stove, at a yard sale.  It is so pretty, and it is still original, and it would work for what I want and where I want it.  I’m still kind of hesitant because where we live, summer can be really brutal, so maybe I’ll need to look into outdoor air conditioning systems, if they have such things.  He said he will get me the water heater that gives me hot water on demand, so apparently, he is planning on putting in a sink.  I’m excited, but I hope it isn’t going to be a waste of time, when the weather turns really hot.

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